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Ballardini satisfied with the draw against ‘solid’ Udinese

Sun 14 March 2021 | 9:22

Genoa boss is happy with his team’s performance against Le Zebrette.


have not had a good run in the Serie A this season. Genoa have not won in any of their last five league outings and with 28 points, they are sitting 14


in the table.

The Grifone faced the 10




last night in a Serie A clash and managed to leave the pitch with a 1-1 draw.

Genoa boss

Davide Ballardini

is happy with his team’s performance despite his regrets over the lost opportunities in last night’s match.

In a post-match interview with


, the Italian said:

“Genoa played a good game against a solid team with a lot of quality, so just that is already something to be satisfied with.

“Our idea was not to give them reference points. The three Udinese defenders are all huge, so we wanted to pass it around them and make the most of the spaces rather than just put crosses in.

“Udinese tend to defend quite deep, so it’s difficult to find the space. We have to spread them, then try to get the forwards or even the midfielders to push into those gaps.

“This is an Udinese side that allowed precious little to Milan, Inter and Juventus, so they are one of the form teams in Serie A at the moment.”

Genoa had the chance to come out of the pitch with three points, but the players could not use their opportunities and the team eventually settled for a draw.

“Clearly, in the final minute you are clear on goal and hit the bar, it’s a regret, but over the full 90 minutes we are satisfied with the performance. Sometimes luck isn’t on your side and you ought to be happy with a point against a very strong, humble and hard-working team,”

Ballardini added.

“We are truly satisfied with the performance and the point.”



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