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Winning UCL will cover Liverpool's weak results - Klopp

Sun 14 March 2021 | 8:23

The Liverpool manager's goal this season is to win the Champions League.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes the Champions League title could cover Liverpool's setbacks this season.

Defending Premier League champions


are currently eighth in the table and have no chance of winning the title again. However, they are in the Champions League and have reached the top eight of the competition. Now Klopp, who previously won Liverpool's sixth Champions League title, has claimed that a seventh title could cover poor results this season.

“It would be a dream yeah, so why not? But we really are not in a situation thinking that. We are really happy beating Leipzig and going through to the quarter finals and in the last eight," the German told reporters.

“James Milner said to me its a fourth quarter final and five times in Europe since I was here so yeah, that's good.

“But we are not in a situation sitting here and telling already the fairytale of how it all could end.

“What we think, what we wish, what we dream and all those kind of things is completely different but being ready for Wolves is the only concern and the only thing I am busy with and using the positives of the Leipzig game which is very helpful.

“But then look, yes it is the last eight of the Champions League but the last eight are historically tricky.

“The other seven teams will be very good. It's not 100% who they all are yet but the few who are already in there and those who look likely they will be in, yes.

“There are no easy games but then in those games lets give them a proper game yes, that is the plan whoever it is, definitely, that's the plan.

“But not today. It's in three or four weeks when the next round will be played but we have enough time until then and we try to use it as good as possible.”



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