Henderson finds his way into the starting lineup

Fri 12 March 2021 | 16:08

De Gea’s travel to Spain gives Henderson a chance to play for the Red Devils.

De Gea

has been in quarantine after traveling to Spain to be with his partner, who has just given birth to their first child, and his return date has not been set. So the

Red Devils’

young goalkeeper

Dean Henderson

gets a chance to play.

Here is what Solskjaer has said about the matter in his press conference:

“He is back in Manchester, He is self-isolating. He is just touch and go for Sunday I think. I can’t really know when he came back so I am not really sure if it was Monday or Tuesday.

“I think the rules are he has to stay at home. He is not training with us anyway. It’s different if you travel away and compete so, no, he has not been training since he came back.”

Dean Henderson has been competing with De Gea over a spot in the starting lineup and has managed two clean sheets in De Gea's absence.

Henderson’s performance against AC Milan was criticized for the late header that leveled the match in the last minutes of the game, but the Red Devils’ boss has defended his young goalkeeper, saying that although he could have done better, it wasn’t all his fault.

“It’s a header from six yards,"

said Solskjaer

. "He can save it of course, I have seen him save them, but it’s the structure we lose.

"We dropped too deep and we get blocked off and he [Simon Kjaer] makes a good run and gets a good header on it. We should have attacked the ball with the men we had there.”

source: SportMob