Simone Inzaghi warns Lazio of the “pitfalls” ahead of Crotone clash

Thu 11 March 2021 | 15:06

The Biancocelesti boss insists that his men need to be aware of their “delicate” situation at the current moment and try to “approach the match in the best way”.

Simone Inzaghi believes


need to prepare for their upcoming match against


after losing three of their recent games warning his men that their Friday clash

“will not be easy”


“There are so many pitfalls, Crotone come from an excellent win,”

Inzaghi said at a press conference.

“They have recently changed coaches and will come here to play their game.”

“We must approach the match in the best way, because we come from a delicate period and it will not be easy.”

Reflecting on their recent 3-1 defeat to


, Inzaghi added:

“Against Juventus, we lost in a bad way. We had done well for 30 to 40 minutes, then we conceded the equaliser.”

“But now let’s look to the future, which is Crotone.”

Asked about their line-up for the match, he said

: “The team worked well. Today we will have one last session and see who is available. We need a real Lazio match.”

source: SportMob