Nagelsmann admits Leipzig deserved Champions League elimination

Thu 11 March 2021 | 9:31

A 2-0 defeat to struggling Liverpool in Wednesday's second leg of their Champions League tie knocked RB Leipzig out of the tournament as their head coach admitted his side deserved they came short to the English side.

"I think we deserved to be knocked out, mainly due to today's match," Nagelsmann said in his post-game press conference. "Liverpool weren't creating a lot of pressure, they were sitting back and waiting and leaving us possession.

"There weren't a lot of emotional moments, we were too slow to create actions, we were just possessing the ball.

"I think the emotional qualities we've had in recent matches in the league and cup weren't shown today. Liverpool had a few chances in the first half they squandered.

"We didn't have a lot of chances in the second half, a lot of moments kept being squandered. We could see there was some respect in terms of counterattacks but that respect meant we reacted wrongly, then we conceded the first goal.

"We were defending but not being active enough and kept too much distance from the attackers and you could see the quality they had: [Diogo] Jota's assist and [Mohamed] Salah's great goal.

"The second goal was game over. We don't like losing but sometimes you have to admit the opponent was better. We are angry and sad but we'll focus on Frankfurt who we play in the Bundesliga. It is well-deserved Liverpool go into the next round."

Nagelsmann's side will next face Eintracht Frankfurt on Sunday in Bundesliga.


source: SportMob