McTominay reveals the hardship of working with Zlatan

Wed 10 March 2021 | 14:40

Former teammates at United are set to face each other again on Thursday night as Manchester United will play against AC Milan.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Manchester United

back in 2016, exactly the same year that

Scott McTominay

slowly became a regular starter at Manchester United. The Scottish midfielder was very young at that time but he speaks about the influence of a figure like Zlatan in the dressing room and some of the Swedish player’s interesting characteristics.

Speaking ahead of United's round-of-16 first-leg clash against


in the Europa League, which Ibrahimovic will sit out due to injury, the Scottish midfielder told



“[He was] ruthless. I’m not going to say too much more than that.

“Good professional, worked hard, big, big presence in the dressing room in terms of his voice and the way that he is with people.

“He’s a ruthless guy in terms of the way he wants to win 24/7, if you’re not on the same page as him, then you won’t succeed under him, he’ll make life hard for you, so you'd better work hard at winning, otherwise it’ll be a tough time for you.

“I love guys like that in football. He’s obviously had a legendary career which is a real credit to him, and obviously to his family as well, so I have nothing but big praise for him. He’s a tough guy to be around sometimes, but that’s the positive - I can be [tough to be around] as well.”



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