Dave King demands balance in Scottish football after Lawwell departure

Wed 10 March 2021 | 11:05

According to Dave King, Peter Lawwell’s departure gives the opportunity to bring balance to Hampden’s power once again.

The former



Dave King

insists that the club’s chief must not rush things following

Peter Lawwell

’s exit.


’s critics have always believed that Lawwell was the man behind the wheels in Scottish football. However, the situation is about to change since

Dominic McKay

is named as his successor. The Gers believe this to be a chance to bring back their influence lost by the financial crisis.

Ibrox’s former board member King thinks that bringing in someone who has no links with Scotland’s main power to supervise the administration of the game is a wise choice.

When quizzed whether Lawwell’s dismissal results in independence in Scottish football, King replied: “

I very much do so.

“A lot of these things are to do with personal relationships so someone coming in from the outside who is not a football man (McKay) will never exercise the same influence Peter Lawwell did.

“So I do think in my view it’s a positive change for football in general.

“Ideally, I think some of these bodies should be more neutral than they are but it’s never going to happen that way because clubs are supporting people in and influence moves from time to time.

“We have been on the wrong end of it for a while – but we’ve also been on the right end of it for a while. We had our runs where we dominated some of these committees too.

“The difference is we were just missing for so many years that there was really only one club that could fill that gap and exert that level of influence.”

Rangers pushed so hard to convince the Scottish Professional Football League as they requested an investigation into how the game is run. The process was followed by naming Celtic champions after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

One of the problems we’ve got with the authorities in Scottish football is the level of influence the clubs have

,” said Gers biggest individual shareholder.

In my efforts with Rangers to get the club back at the main table, it was difficult. Because when we were absent, other clubs took control of the league structures.

“The argument is that you can reverse that and make sure Rangers dominate it rather than other clubs – but I think the real answer is that we need more independence.

“We actually need people acting in the best interests of Scottish football, not in the interests of one club versus another.

“I was there at the time of David Murray at Rangers when we dominated a lot of those committees and influenced things in our favour.

“More recently, it has been the other way round.

“So I think the true way forward is to try and get independence in there and do the right thing for Scottish football.

“That hasn’t been happening and it certainly still isn’t happening at this present time.”

source: SportMob