Llorente talks about Udinese’s victory against Sassuolo

Tue 09 March 2021 | 18:13

Udinese’s Fernando Llorente says that they are more relaxed after their victory.



2-0 victory against Sassuolo,

Fernando Llorente

, who scored one of his side’s goals, has talked about the match, insisting that they are relaxed after this victory.

“I’m very happy with the goal I scored against Sassuolo,”

he told UdineseTV.

“I really wanted to score.

“I immediately had a great time in Udine. The club is great, with fantastic facilities and I was just missing the goal.

“I’m happy to have helped the team, it was an important game for us to climb away from the relegation zone.

“Now, we are a bit more relaxed, but we must keep winning to show where we can go.”

And about his feelings at the club he added:

“Right from the start, there was an excellent feeling with the club,” he said. “They told me that Udinese was a great club, but I didn’t expect such a great club.

“I’m not just saying it to say it, I have played in many teams and Udinese are at the level of a top club.

“I found a great group here.”

He has also talked about his experiencing of working with Gattuso and Gotti:

“Gattuso and Gotti have two different ways of seeing football, Gattuso always proposes to play the ball from the back.

“Udinese, on the other hand, play according to how the visiting team presses us. If they push us a lot, we play straight and skip the lines; it they let us play, we play."

source: SportMob