Tebas: La Liga are prepared financially for Messi’s departure

Tue 09 March 2021 | 10:01

President of the La Liga doesn’t believe the Argentina international’s leave would be disastrous.

According to

Javier Tebas

, the

La Liga

supporters have nothing to worry about as he has “prepared well” should

Lionel Messi




The Coronavirus pandemic has affected Spain’s top-flight financially, with Barca alone being €1.2 billion (£1.1b/$1.5b) in debt, and the departure of the Argentine legend may be daunting.

However, Tebas is confident that La Liga can resist any harm.


couldn’t leave Barcelona because of an agreement in his contract, but as I said about Cristiano [Ronaldo], we also are prepared financially for this moment,

" Tebas said on




Cristiano leaving Real Madrid was a decision made by the club. I don’t have the right to say anything, but I always prefer to have the best players in La Liga, the same happened with Neymar before.

"Cristiano was the ultimate goalscorer in La Liga and we were affected by his departure, but financial the impact was minimal because we prepared well for this moment."

"We didn’t know that it would take so much time [playing without fans]," Tebas said. "If we keep on witnessing a decrease in coronavirus numbers, maybe the fans will return sooner.

"The financial losses [for the league] reached €2 billion, but we decreased it to €1.1 billion due to cutting down some expenses."

Joan Laporta

has recently been chosen as the Barcelona president and has promised to talk to Messi and convince him to remain put.


Finally, Barcelona has a president after all the mess in the few past months,

" Tebas said. "

We have to wait and see how he will perform


source: SportMob