Pulisic unlucky not to start in our last games - Tuchel

Tue 09 March 2021 | 5:14

Chelsea have performed well in recent weeks but Polisic has been left out of the squad.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has emphasized that Christian Pulisic is unlucky not to be in the starting line-up and that he has full confidence in the former Dortmund striker.

Under Tuchel,


have been unbeaten in their last nine games, but Pulisic has not been able to help the team in those nine games and has not been in the starting line-up in all of them. Tuchel praised Pulisic and claimed that it was his bad luck that was left out of the squad from the beginning in recent games.

"I can say nothing else but good things about him. Maybe his biggest problem is that I know him from Dortmund and I think he started only in the cup games,"

Tuchel said at the press conference.

"It is my responsibility and it is a bit unfair but I know what impact he can have in the last 20 or 30 minutes.

"He was a bit unlucky in the last few games. It isn't a lack of trust or quality, it is just that he will have to be patient.

"I have another guy who I would love to mention in Emerson [Palmieri] who suffers from bad decisions by me. He does not play but he is an amazing guy who trains at the highest level and he never lets the team down with his mentality. It was a super hard decision today to have him out of the squad, the same with Tammy [Abraham].

"It is like this, we have a strong group. The guys have to keep on fighting. There's no other way."




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source: SportMob