Fontana believes first goal decides the winner in Atalanta-Inter clash

Mon 08 March 2021 | 20:12

Former Atalanta and Inter goalkeeper Alberto Fontana believes the first blood will be crucial in tonight’s Serie A game between Inter and Atalanta.




have scored more goal in the Serie A this season than any other teams and


believes that the team who take the lead will have the chance to claim all three points.

“I think many will cheer for Atalanta in this match,”

Fontana argued in an interview with Italian daily newspaper Tuttosport


“Whoever takes the lead has a 70% chance of winning the match and for sure it is more important for Inter to win.”

Fontana spent four years at Inter between 2001 and 2005 in which he only made 24 appearances across all competitions.

“In Milan I knew I wouldn’t play because Francesco Toldo was better, but I still felt important.

“I suffered a bit in the city because I wasn’t used to it.

“You don’t expect to play a derby at 37 and win man of the match.

“I didn’t play but if it was my turn there was no panic.

“Feeling the support from the fans was gratifying.

“You have to admit when you have someone better than you and my friendship with Toldo made me spend four wonderful years at Inter.

“Francesco would have been the starter in the national team for 10 years if Gianluigi Buffon hadn’t been there.”

source: SportMob
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