Bonucci: Juve and Ronaldo ready to meet Porto

Mon 08 March 2021 | 15:56

The Bianconeri defender believes that his team will be fully prepared against Porto.


star Leonardo Bonucci has claimed that they have learned from their mistakes and confirmed that Ronaldo is ready for tomorrow's match against Porto.

The Old Lady lost 2-1 to Porto in the previous match and will have to face the Portuguese superpower tomorrow night to advance to the next round of the Champions League. Bonucci confirmed that Juventus have learned from their mistakes and are ready to meet tomorrow night.

“We’ll take to the pitch with the Juventus’ spirit with humility and respect. We are aware that we can get achieve great results with sacrifice,”

the italian told reporters.

“We must be focused and not rush to score immediately. We need a goal and we can score it also at the end of the game. We are aware Porto are not going to defend only.

“We made too many mistakes in Porto, but we’ve learned from them. This Juventus side is a  team made by big men who can take responsibility in every moment. We want to take Juventus where we deserve.

“We can’t afford to throw anything away tomorrow. It’s hard to have the right approach when you play one game every three days, but it’s no excuse.

Bonucci added on Cristiano Ronaldo's situation: “Cristiano is always ready to play these games. Some time ago, he said he would play only Champions League games. So, you can imagine his energy for tomorrow’s game.”



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source: SportMob