Zlatan Ibrahimovic to stay at Milan for another season

Mon 08 March 2021 | 9:01

As a guest host at the Sanremo Music Festival, he amused the audience by playing up to his ‘arrogant bad guy’ persona throughout the week as well as giving amazing monologues.

The Swede talked about his experience in an interview with Che Tempo Che Fa, on RAI.

I didn’t want to know the questions before I entered the stage. I wanted it to be something natural,”

he said.

“That’s Zlatan explanation. It’s the truth.”

Despite his injury, the 39-year-old accompanied his team-mates during their 2-0 away victory over



“I am Zlatan, I feel the responsibility and I feel like a leader. This team is the only one that made me feel thrilled. I want to teach, I want to be a guide.

“When I say something, they others are like: ‘Ok, we are doing it.’ Today I wanted to be in Verona, I felt it inside. When I spend a day without them is like staying without my sons.”

About staying at


next season, the



“I don’t know, let’s see. If Paolo [Maldini] wants, I am up for it


"The season is still long, there are many games left. We always play to win, even if they can play once a week."

“I played with many great footballers. When I signed for Ajax, I had pressure on me.

“The expected the same things Van Basten did, but I was not at his level. He was a complete striker who made history. One of the best ones of all time.”



source: SportMob