Kane and Son just create the best ever Premier League partnership

Sun 07 March 2021 | 23:00

14 goal contribution send them above Alan Shearer and Sutton's partnership.

Jose Mourinho has always been good at creating partnerships wherever he goes especially an attacking one. He had Ozil and



Real Madrid

and Fabregas and Diego Costa last time he won the league with




Tottenham Hotspur

have not got the results their fans expected this year, but it will be a season to remember in terms of the performances of players such as

Harry Kane



. These two have created a highly fluent partnership between themselves and it has brought success so far for Jose Mourinho's side.

They have just become the best partners of the Premier League history tonight as they have had contributed in 14 goals combined, so far this season. There are still a lot of games to be played but one goal above Shearer and Sutton's 1994-94 record and Wilson and Fraser's 12 goal contribution back in 2018-119 with Bournemouth. How far can they go? we should wait and see.



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source: SportMob