Zidane: I am very proud of all my players

Sun 07 March 2021 | 19:49

Real Madrid boss praises his players for their good performance against Atletico.

Real Madrid


Atletico Madrid

today in a La Liga clash. Atletico was ahead until the last minutes but

Karim Benzema

scored the equalizer in the 88


minute of the game so that Los Blancos leave the pitch with one point.

Real Madrid boss,

Zinedine Zidane

praised his players and talked about the team’s situation in a post-match interview.

"The objective is this, to continue,"

Zidane said.

"We know there is a lot left but we are going to fight until the end.

"Everything can always change. We are doing things well, we can improve. It is what we are going to do.

"I am very proud of all my players. We are in the same boat and we are going to fight to the end."

In the 40th minute of the game, a very suspicious scene took place inside the Atletico Madrid penalty area. Where Atletico defender,


, seemed to control the ball with his forearm.

Real players asked the referee to call penalty but after checking with VAR, the referee turned down the penalty request.

"I don't mess around with the referee, his job is difficult,”

Zidane said.

"He made that decision to watch the play and not whistle, and we respect him. That's it. We know it's complicated. We can't get into that. We have to respect that. It will not change."



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