VAR is a comedy show in Turkey, says World Cup winner

Sun 07 March 2021 | 19:17

VAR has brought so many controversies to the Turkish league and Podolski is not satisfied with the way it works.

VAR has brought so many debates to the world of football as it’s working very well in some countries and the opposite in a couple of leagues as well. For example, Premier League fans, managers, and players are not happy with the new system but Serie A’s referees are doing a good job with VAR.

Many controversial decisions have been made in the English Premier League but it seems like it is no different in Turkey as well.


, the experienced German player who’s currently playing in the Turkish league is very critical of the way VAR works there.

"The performance of the players or the teams is not taken into consideration,"

Podolski told



"After the Fenerbahce match, I saw very few comments on Antalya's good game.

"It's referees and decisions on the agenda every week. This is not beneficial for Turkish football. Referees can mistakes. We can mistakes.

"The behavior of people to each other, the statements of the managers, there is always an atmosphere of chaos. This is not good.

"We play football for an average of 60 minutes on the field, the game stops too much. What one person calls penalty, the other does not say penalty.

"VAR has been introduced to make decisions faster. But after VAR, the referees discuss more. Everyone is shouting at each other. It's like a comedy show. "



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source: SportMob