Carragher: Mentality monsters? Liverpool like mentality midgets now

Sun 07 March 2021 | 19:07

According to Jamie Carragher, Liverpool’s ‘mentality monsters’ are currently ‘mentality midgets’ following their 1-0 loss to Fulham in the Premier League on Sunday.


have suffered their sixth consecutive defeat at Anfield, falling further behind the top four in the

Premier League


Reds’ manager

Jurgen Klopp

referred to his men as ‘mentality monsters’ with their victories in the last two seasons. However,

Jamie Carragher

believes the squad are more like ‘mentality midgets’ after losing to





Man City





, and


, meeting the target just once in those six matches.

Roy Keane


Graeme Souness

have also commented on the Reds' flop.

Sky Sports

’ Jamie Carragher said: "

So often at these stages last season, Liverpool scored late goals, even the year before when they were chasing down Man City. That man [Jurgen Klopp] rightly called his side the 'mentality monsters' and they deserved that tag. But right now, they are like 'mentality midgets'. 

"Every time there is a bit of adversity, you go behind in a game, his team is just not dealing well with adversity at any stage in this last three or four months.

"It's not acceptable from Liverpool, that sort of performance, and I'll tell you what, I played in some really poor Liverpool teams.

"These defeats, at home, against the level of opposition, you need to find something from somewhere. It looks like top four positions now are a long way off."

Roy Keane said: "

The biggest worry I'd have for Liverpool is that to me is they're not playing as a team.

"The signs have been there for the last few months, you're thinking 'are they really that bad?'... It's crisis time for Liverpool now.

"They are not playing as a team and that should be the manager's biggest worry."

Graeme Souness said:

"When you're a player and you win a big trophy, that's parked. Enjoy it for a week. Then every day you're laying on a beach you think about the challenges coming ahead.

"I'd say some of those players haven't done that. 'Let's enjoy the moment, it may never happen to us again.'

"It's all about winning it again, and again, and again.

"It's unfathomable. It beggars belief how a team can go from so good to so average. It's ok asking questions about the manager but it's about the players.

"Jurgen Klopp has found out in this moment in time what he's got in his dressing room. Some of them haven't stood up to the challenge."

Jurgen Klopp told Sky Sports:

"There were moments we could have had more of an impact on the game. Conceding that goal before half-time was a massive blow. We tried to react, and the boys showed that. In the end if we don't score goals that's a big problem.

"We never had a momentum in the season, really, in the Premier League at least. You can see that. It's still in the boys, they still have it all, but in the moment can't show it. It would be a masterpiece to find out how we change that overnight.

"The only good thing is we play a different competition in three games and hopefully we can show a different face there.

"Fulham will cause us problems - it's clear. They're in a good moment, they're a good team. We all agree a team like this should stay in the Premier League."

When quizzed about his players’ feeling, he added:

"Not good, obviously. But I am a human being, I have to think before I speak, I cannot go inside immediately after a game like this and have the right words. It's a tough one to take for all of us."

When asked whether Fulham wanted to win more, he replied:

"The winner is always right. My boys wanted it. It's easy to judge, 'they have won it so wanted it more.' I don't think that's the problem. I don't have to stand here and say we're fighting for this or that."

source: SportMob