Sir Alex Ferguson recalls his brain haemorrhage in a new documentary

Sun 07 March 2021 | 11:50

The Red Devils legend and one of the most successful coaches in the Premier League history talked about his time at Old Trafford, his most memorable career moments, and his struggles with brain haemorrhage in a new documentary


Manchester United

boss, Sir Alex Ferguson gave an insight to his struggles with brain haemorrhage and how he was afraid of losing his voice in a documentary called

"Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In'”


Ferguson, who was rushed into the operation room back in 2018 after suffering from bleeding in his brain, admitted that it was


to think that he could lose his memory and his ability to talk due to the haemorrhage.

The 79-year-old said:

"I lost my voice, just could not get a word out, and that was terrifying – absolutely terrifying.”

“And everything was going through my mind: is my memory going to come back?  Am I ever going to speak again?”

"There were five brain haemorrhages that day. Three died. Two survived. You know you are lucky.”

"It was a beautiful day, I remember that. I wondered how many sunny days I would ever see again. I found that difficult."

During his recovery, Ferguson was assigned to a professional speech therapist, who helped him regain his voice in 10 days.

"I would have hated to lose my memory. It would have been a terrible burden on my family, if I was sitting in the house not knowing who I am," 

he said.

"The speech therapist came and told me to write down all the members of my family, of my football team ... She asked me questions about animals, fish, birds. Eventually, after 10 days my voice came back.”

"I realised, having gone through all that, my memory was fine."

Ferguson’s reigning period extended from 1986 t0 2013, which was followed by 38 titles including 13

Premier League

, two Champions League, and five FA Cup trophies.

When asked about his most memorable trophy win with Manchester United, Ferguson revealed that their 1992-93 Premier League glory was his favorite, adding:

"God almighty – I couldn’t get out of the car park."

"There were thousands of them … they could have made me president that day.”

source: SportMob