Solskjaer urges players to avoid expressing "frustration on the pitch"

Sun 07 March 2021 | 10:54

After a heated verbal exchange between Rashford and Maguire during Manchester United’s goalless draw with Crystal Palace, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer pointed to the incident in his press conference, urging the Red Devils to get hold of their emotions.

The Norwegian told

Sky Sports


"Sometimes it has boiled over into frustration when it hasn't worked our way, we've got to stop that, the frustration on the pitch.

"We want to win but don't let it affect your desire to do well. Don't let it affect your confidence or the team spirit."

Maguire shouted at Rashford to "

f******g stay onside

" as the striker was flagged offside receiving a lofted pass from the Red Devils’ captain. Rashford responded saying "shut the

f*** up, f*****g knobhead


However, the defender dismissed any bad blood between the pair after the incident. He told

the Sun

: "

You pick up these things as there is no crowd in the stadium.

"But we are always shouting at each other in games. I have full respect for Marcus and he has full respect for myself.

"We did not even confront each other after the game because it happens that much in training and in games."


source: SportMob