Referee should have dismissed Bayern's goal - Reus

Sun 07 March 2021 | 8:47

Reus believes that the referee's decisions affected the outcome of the game.

Dortmund star Marco Reus criticized the referee after the 4-2 defeat against Bayern Munich.



on the verge of gaining a point at the Allianz Arena, two minutes before the end of the game, Leon Gortzka took the lead for Bayern Munich. Reus believed that before the goal was scored, a foul had occurred on the Dortmund player that the referee should have dismissed the goal.

He told

Sky Germany


“For me it is a clear foul. I’ll be honest: If it were against Bayern, the referee would have whistled 100 per cent. It is like that. Nothing to add.”

But Thomas Muller, Bayern Munich forward had another opinion. He said:

“I don’t think we want such tackles to be blown for fouls at the halfway line,” he said. “Otherwise it would be stop-start.

“I wouldn’t have seen it as a foul against us either, you can believe me or not. There is nothing worse than when everything is always blown the same way.”



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