Bruno Fernandes hits back at big six critics

Sat 06 March 2021 | 18:37

The Portuguese international has been the standout player for the Red Devils and insists he can handle the pressure at the club.

Bruno Fernandes

has come under fire this season for failing to perform against big names in the Premier League but the 26-year-old playmaker has dismissed all the criticism and defended his performances against the so-called ‘big six’.

Fernandes has told 

Sky Sports

 on questions over his record in games that matter most

: “I don't know what people mean by 'top six', because the teams are in top six in the table. I score and assist against some of them. I score this season against Tottenham. But some people say penalties don't count!

“I know people expect Bruno to score or assist in every game because when I arrived, I was playing really well. If you see my stats, everyone is thinking that Bruno has to score in every game, Bruno has to assist in every game.

“I saw an interview from Luke (Shaw) saying, 'people now care more about stats than the performance'. And this is the truth. Because now they're expecting from me just goals and assists, and not performances.

“They don't care about the performance of Bruno, they don't care about ball recovery or how many chances I create, because I can create 10 chances but if I don't score, people will say Bruno didn't play very well.

“But this is football. Football is in the moment. Some people have said I'm playing bad, and that I have to do better. And I agree, because we always can do better. But for me, it's OK. I can have that pressure on my back.

“I'm sure in some moments, I will score, I will assist, and I will perform. And that will help my team-mates to win the game.”

source: SportMob