Flick on Bayern Munich’s plans to loan out Alexander Nübel

Sat 06 March 2021 | 16:11

The FCB boss talked about their plan to loan out their back-up keeper with Lehmann urging the former Schalke footballer to definitely look for a new home.

After failing to keep their promise of giving

Alexander Nübel

at least ten appearances this season and Nübel’s agent revealing his frustrations in an interview with



Bayern Munich

manager, Hansi Flick, talked about the probability of loaning out the stopper.

When asked about the interview with Kicker, Flick told



"His point of view is correct. We'll discuss these matters internally via a mutual exchange of information."

So far Nübel has only made two appearances, and with the end of the season approaching it’s very likely that he will miss the chance of getting what he was promised at Allianz Arena.

"[Alex] knew what he was getting into when he came to Bayern,"

Flick added

, "My task as a trainer is to put the best possible team on the pitch. Manuel Neuer is the clear number one."

On the other hand, former


international and member of




squad talked about the frustration of having to endure your role as a second option goalkeeper, telling



"If he [Nübel] is allowed to switch, he should really look for a club where he's the number one. When a young and an experienced goalkeeper are of equal technical strength, the more experienced one always has the advantage. With his current limited amount of experience, Nübel can't beat anyone."

source: SportMob