Parker believes new handball rule should have been introduced earlier

Sat 06 March 2021 | 9:22

Fulham boss Scott Parker slams the instant introduction of the new handball rule and asks why the new rule had not been put in place from the start of the season.


were left to lament the decision that saw

Josh Maja

’s equalizer against

Tottenham Hotspur

ruled out after

Davinson Sanchez

’s clearance thumped the arm of

Mario Lemina

from close range.

The next day Football’s lawmakers voted to remove from the handball law any accidental contact by a team-mate before a goal or a goalscoring opportunity.

“It’s devastating, I’m not going to lie to you,”


said after hearing the news that the rule would be changed


“We have been on the end of some bad calls this year with VAR, Newcastle away a bad decision, we got a man sent off that got rescinded.

“I’m not moaning about the actual decision last night because that was part of the law. That decision needs to take place. But how that rule has not been set in stone at the start of the season is beyond me.

“If your arms are beside your body, and you can’t physically put them anywhere else other than chop them off, it needs to stand really. It’s just common sense, logic. And then to think that you go halfway through the season and then you change the rules.

source: SportMob