Pirlo: All the matches are decisive for Juventus

Fri 05 March 2021 | 16:05

Juventus boss talks about tomorrow’s clash against Lazio.


are set to face


tomorrow in a Serie A clash.

Juve boss

Andrea Pirlo

has talked about the game in a pre-match press conference.

He said:

“Lazio are a great team that have been playing together for several years.

“They have a well-defined game, and the results speak for them. We know we’ll face a team that will fight to get to the top.

“We are preparing for the match in the best possible way, knowing their characteristics and we know it won’t be easy.

“All the matches are decisive for Juventus. The present is tomorrow’s match, we will concentrate with all our strength to win and we’ll only think about Porto after that.

 “The matches are all important, tomorrow’s game is also important for the table.

“The enthusiasm is there, because we are going through a period of tough and important games. And it will always be there.

“In the standings, the situation is the same as last week. We must be ready to not make mistakes in case the ones above do.

“We are fighting on all fronts and as long as there’s hope, we will have to give our all to try to win the championship.

“Then, if the others never make mistakes and are better at it, we will compliment them at the end.”



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source: SportMob