No radical change in Burnley's transfer policy - Dyche

Fri 05 March 2021 | 12:07

The English coach believes that there will be no major change in the club's financial policies.


boss Sean Dyche believes the change in ownership of the club will not lead to a major change in their approach to transfers.

Over the last few seasons, Burnley has faced many financial constraints, and Dyche has worked with the same system. Many of the key players have left the team, and Josh Brownhill and Dale Stephens are the team's new signings who have performed well. In January, Alan Pace bought ownership of the club and fans are hoping for a big change in the team, but Dyche is not so optimistic.

“It usually revolves around finance,”

he said.

“We are still waiting for the idea of what they think is appropriate. I don’t think there will be huge shifts.

“I think it will be gradual shifts, that is the impression I have been given. It can be tricky. A new owner can come into a club and get off to a really hard start and put loads of finances into the team.

“It kind of breaks up the team ethos somehow. So I think we have to build on a gradual process at this club because that is always what it has been.

“It has been difficult at times. Does it need pushing forwards? Yes. I have spoken clearly in the last two or three years when the club was cash rich, about stretching the finance, not breaking it.

“I think that is the kind of ongoing thing. Stretch it. Get the quality of player who can affect us now, or in the future, while not undermining the good work and financial structures that have been put in place.”



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source: SportMob