Mourinho is happy with Alli’s form

Thu 04 March 2021 | 22:39

Tottenham boss has talked about Dele Alli’s performance in the recent weeks.

Dele Alli

, who has been experiencing a rough time finding playing time since


arrival, was used as a starter in


’s match against Fulham.

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho is happy with Alli’s performance, saying that he has earned his spot in the starting lineup.

"He deserved to start. It was not a gift. It was a consequence of his work since he came back and working 100 per cent,"

the Spurs boss told reporters post-match


"He was giving us important things. Did very well in the Europa League and very well in every minute he had.

"He was deserving. We need the squad we have."

Mourinho’s men needed the win, they worked so hard to keep the one-goal lead, and they did.

Here is what Jose Mourinho told the reporters about the victory he added:

"Important win. We need points and of course three better than one.

"I think we clearly showed from the first minute that we wanted that. First half was good but the second half was harder.

"When we made the changes we added fresh energy and we had the best chances in the last 10-15 minutes."

source: SportMob