Jonathan is happy with Inter’s performance

Thu 04 March 2021 | 20:58

Inter’s former defender has talked about their impressive form.


’s former player


who still loves the club, has talked about Nerazzurri’s form and performances this season.

“I still follow Inter from afar,”

he revealed in an interview with



“I can see some games, not all.

“I know that now the Nerazzurri are playing well and are top in the standings, I can only be happy with this.

“Would I be happy if Inter won the Scudetto? Inter have remained in my heart.

“I would certainly be happy if that happened, but there are still a few games left.

“If Inter win the title then I would be very happy, I repeat, Inter is in my heart.”

Here is what he said when he was asked about his memories of his time at the club:

“My arrival at Appiano Gentile is a great memory,

“It represented the realization of a dream, that of playing for Inter, a great European team.

“There were lots of winners, some of whom had won the treble and this was really important.

“The best thing was when the boos (at San Siro) turned into applause.

“At first it was difficult for me, being booed by the Nerazzurri fans at every mistake is my worst memory.”

And about Hakimi’s performance he added:

“He is a young man who can still grow a lot,

“From what I have seen he is doing well, I am happy for him and happy that the team has found a player of his quality, with plenty of margin for improvement.

“Hakimi will get even better in time.”

source: SportMob
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