Inter paying debts and deferred salaries

Thu 04 March 2021 | 20:00

Getting close to the deadline of paying Manchester United's bonus for selling Lukaku, there have been words about Inter having paid the debt already, while some reports suggest that the deadline had been pushed back until June 2021.

Getting closer to the due date of paying


's debt to

Manchester United


Romelu Lukaku

's signing bonus, Inter have reportedly paid the money to the Red Devils and are prepared to pay January salary.

Inter owner, Suning Group, have been dealing with financial issues and have continued negotiations over selling Inter shares to the shareholders or those who are fascinated in buying the shares.

A week ago, Yuan Bi, a Chinese journalist aware of the financial condition Inter are dealing with, said that the owner

should start selling assets to pay the debts

. He explained: 

“If they can get a loan, they won’t sell the club but in any case, some investments are needed to keep the club running.”

Reports now suggest that Suning are rather into selling 30 percent of the shares than selling the whole club.

For now, as La Repubblica declares, Inter are working hard to pay the postponed fees and salaries.

In addition to Lukaku's case, It has also been said that the deadline for paying bonus was pushed by Inter until June 2021.



source: SportMob