Kante admits rejecting Tuchel's side offer

Thu 04 March 2021 | 13:12

During the time in which Thomas Tuchel was the manager of PSG, the Reds and Blues had offered N'Golo Kante to join them but the Midfielder rejected.

N'Golo Kante

makes a confession about when he was offered to join

Paris Saint-Germain


and he rejected it


Thomas Tuchel

was their manager.

Kante and the current manager seem to have a good prolific relationship in



Kante said:

“I knew in the past there was some contact with Paris Saint-Germain when he was the manager, but it was not something I wanted. It did not happen because I was happy at Chelsea and I stayed here. I haven’t spoken to the manager about it!”

Tuchel was in want of the midfielder at his time at Parc des Princes. He had talked about having Kante now in his side to the reporters back in January and said:

“I wanted many years to have N’Golo Kante in my team and now I have him here, also Olivier Giroud, we have a clear picture.

"I have been following the Premier League for many years both in Dortmund and in Paris so I have a clear picture of what the guys are capable of.”

The 29-year-old has been dealing with injuries lately but has managed to feature for the Blues in 31 matches in this season.

Kante has gained too many awards in his career like PFA Player of the Year in 2016-17 and ESPN Midfielder of the Year in 2019.



source: SportMob