Klopp hints at not leaving the Reds

Thu 04 March 2021 | 13:03

Jurgen Klopp has hinted that he has no intention of leaving the club.

There have been questions about 

Jurgen Klopp

’s future at Anfield during injury-enforced issues, but the German has claimed that the struggles have made him a better manager and he has no intention of leaving the club.

“The problem is that football is all about results and if these little things that are better than before do not lead to better results, then people do not want to hear about them,” Klopp told

Sky Sports


“If we are winning 15 or 20 games in a row, people listen to me and say, 'Oh my god, what kind of genius stuff is he saying.' When we are not winning games, I can say exactly the same things and people will say, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, just make sure you win the game.’

“I know that, it is absolutely no problem. I am responsible for this, not only now but for the next few years as well. That is why we will not let this time pass without getting a little bit of a benefit out of it. We cannot prove that now because we are still in the situation. We will have to prove it a little bit later.”

A top-four finish is the best


can hope for domestically this season and although fitness problems have become a serious issue for the club, Klopp tries to avoid making excuses.

“Most of the problems are as a result of the injury situation,” he added. “This year we have faced completely new problems. I have never in my life - and I have been doing the job for 20 years - had to change the last line every week.

“I am a much better manager this season than I was before because usually, you are not having to think about these things but now I am having to think about them constantly.

“We had a situation on Friday night. We trained all week, or the few days that we had to train, with one specific line-up, and then overnight we had to change it completely. That is another big thing to do that is common in football but we have had it plenty of times.

“People might say that is an excuse. I could not care less, to be honest. We do not use it as an excuse but if you ask me the question then it is the explanation for why things changed.”

Liverpool are currently sixth in the

Premier League

table and are going to face Chelsea at home on Thursday.

source: SportMob