Baraclough donates brain for the research about brain dementia

Thu 04 March 2021 | 12:20

Ian Baraclough comes to the help of the next footballer generation by taking part in the research about brain dementia and how it affects the life of a footballer.

Ian Baraclough


Northern Ireland

manager, expressed his full readiness to help with the brain dementia research which has been the main topic of the researches after the death of

Nobby Styles


Jack Charlton


In recent months a high number of ex-footballers have been reported to die having dealt with the same brain issue.

Baraclough that played for Leicester City, QPR, and Notts county before turning to a managerial role, decided to take part in developing researches on this issue.

He mentioned that in a training session sometimes a footballer has to head the football more than 40 times a day to warm up and called it "quite scary".

Although, Baraclough is not completely against the idea of heading. He just recommends that this action must be limited for the younger players in their training sessions.

He was involved in an action related to his head when he was playing for QPR and was hit in the head which set him unconscious for a while and made him spend a couple of days with a constant headache.

The latest researches suggest that footballers are 3.5 times more in danger of dying by brain injuries than normal people.

source: SportMob