Gotti is unhappy with Milan’s late penalty

Thu 04 March 2021 | 10:51

Thanks to a goal by Rodrigo Becao, Udinese were close to gain a precious away win at Milan until a late penalty from Frank Kessie broke the points in even.




after the match:

“We had the victory in our hands. The epilogue to this game is the kind of thing that gives you sleepless nights.

“I’ve seen games end five seconds early, but the penalty was awarded after 95 minutes had passed. It won’t change anything now, I know that, but I can at least be allowed the opportunity to be angry about it.

“To concede a penalty like that after injury time had expired, if this happened to other clubs, there’d be chaos, but with Udinese nobody cares. These would’ve been three very important points for us.”

While many criticized the Friulani’s heavy defensive style during the game,


insists that was the only approach they could take.

“It was obvious that coming to San Siro against this Milan, you need to do a lot of defending. We had prepared that, but not just defending, and in fact we had been winning the game until that happened at the end.

“Unfortunately, we lost Roberto Pereyra’s quality and then Samir had to come off, and these events changed the end of the game in a way we had not predicted. Look, I am well aware that a point here is precious, but this team did not come here just to impress. We came here for points and until the 95th minute, we had three of them.”

Currently 11


in the Serie A table,


will face


on Saturday at home.


source: SportMob
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