Timo Werner hopes to “score a few more goals” following his struggles

Thu 04 March 2021 | 10:34

The Germany international hopes to follow in the footsteps of Didier Drogba despite his struggles claiming that he’s not the only Blues player to have had a rough start.

Timo Werner

insists that he’s still capable of matching the likes of Didier Drogba at


once he settles in England.

Back in his time with Chelsea, Drogba was able to shake off his slow start after two long seasons, which were followed by several trophies including a Champions League title and a record of 164 goals.

Asked about idolizing footballers like Drogba, Werner told

BBC Sport


“A lot of good strikers come to the Premier League and take one year to settle down and adapt.”

“I think my form is going up and getting better and better. Maybe this year is not the year of goal-scoring for Timo but at the end I will reflect on the season.”

“I have learned a lot. I know exactly the teams we play against, how they play.”

After parting ways with

RB Leipzig

for £47.5 million ($66m) in the summer of 2020, Werner was able to score 8 goals in his early days with Chelsea, but the goal-scoring parade for the


international only lasted till November.

Despite adding another couple of goals, Werner still found it difficult to find the net on which he said:

“I never had it in my career before. You can always learn more from the bad situations. I learned to trust in myself, to give everything on the pitch, not only think about goals and fight for the team.”

“Now I hope this period is gone and I score a few more goals until the end of the season.”

source: SportMob