'We want to have two teams playing in equal conditions' - Arteta

Thu 04 March 2021 | 9:37

Arteta considers the change of North London derby unfair as it gives Mourinho's side a period of time to refresh.

Followed by the change of plans in the North London derby which was imposed by UEFA,

Mikel Arteta

expresses his dissatisfaction towards this matter.

UEFA rules declare that no two clubs in the same city are allowed to host any Europa League matches on one day and as the two clubs had their first tie away, they are ought to host the rivals in London.




are now supposed to meet on March 14, which Arteta believes is unfair because

Jose Mourinho

's side will get extra time to refresh.

He talked to the reporters and asked for "equal conditions" for the two teams. He said:

“Unfortunately it’s not going to change. We can raise our voices and we should do that because we want to have two teams playing in equal conditions."

Although, he makes sure that this situation is not going to affect the way they play. He explained:

“But the decision has been made and that’s it. I don’t want to use one bit of excuse going towards that game saying ‘oh, they have an advantage’. So no, probably I will use that to take it in our advantage. And that’s it.”

source: SportMob