All three referees got the penalty wrong - Gerrard

Thu 04 March 2021 | 7:49

Gerrard believes that all three referees made the wrong decision about his team's penalty.


boss Steven Gerrard has criticized the refereeing staff after clashing with a referee against Livingston and being sent off in the second half.

In one of the scenes of last night's match, Beaton tried to pass Livingston goalkeeper, but there was a clear collision between the two, but the referee decided to give Beaton a yellow card for diving. Gerrard became very angry with the referee's decision, went into the field to protest, which caused him to take two cards from the referee and be dissmised. After the game, he criticized the referees decision.

“It’s a blatant penalty, it’s a stonewaller,”

he told reporters

. “I’m someone who wants to support officials because we are all human and we will make a mistake.

“But what I can’t stand for at this level is three people making the same mistake. They all had clear views of it. I could see it and I’m the furthest away.

“There are three officials at this level who all got it wrong together – I can’t have that. I asked for an explanation and he refused to speak to me. I think I’m entitled to a conversation but obviously not.

“You are talking about officials at a top level of the game.

“The linesman is looking straight at it with nothing in his way. The fourth official is looking straight at it with nothing in his way, because I was behind him and I could see it clear. And the referee is right on top of him.

“I’ll go with a mistake from one of them but not three. It’s not right, it’s not fair. It’s a stonewaller and it’s bang out of order.”



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source: SportMob