Parma must give 120 per cent-D'Aversa on the game against Inter

Wed 03 March 2021 | 18:32

Parma will host Inter tomorrow and must win to escape the relegation zone. Parma did well in the previous two games against Udinese and Spezia, but eventually drew with both teams. The Gialloblu coach Roberto D’Aversa believes that his men should work harder than they can in tomorrow's game.


We come from two positive games concerning our physical growth

," D'Aversa said at a press conference.

"We showed we are alive and if we had collected four points, we wouldn't have stolen anything, and we would be talking about a different table.

"Deficient, but different, especially for the morale of the lads and the environment.

"We need to look ahead, analyse the fact that Spezia had outclassed Milan, believe in our potential and quality, and think about the mistakes that aren't allowing us to bring home the results.

"We must immediately understand that we can't afford it for much longer."

D'Aversa wants 120% of his men in tomorrow's game.

“We must give 120 per cent, eliminating the mistakes that we can’t afford against the league leaders, and maybe hope to find an opponent who have a bad evening.

“But this depends above all on us, it may not be enough, but we must make it happen.

“Last year, we put Inter under pressure. We are second to bottom and we haven’t won for a while, but I believe that faith can help you achieve unthinkable results, because nothing is impossible in football.”

D’Aversa was asked about


, which are in the relegation zone and have not played for two games due to the Coronavirus.

I don’t like talking about other people’s circumstances, but I think we need to think the same way for everyone

,” D’Aversa continued.

“When I wasn’t here, Parma and other teams went to play with many positive cases. There’s a pandemic, it’s clear that it’s a national security, but I think there are often differences in the Italian League.

“I repeat, without going into the specific case of Torino. Parma player in Udine with a high number of positive cases.

“Merit to Parma for having this attitude. I repeat, I don’t like to talk about other people’s situation, but I think it’s right that there’s equality in how to behave in these things.”

D’Aversa believes that postponing the games can affect the conditions of the table.

I’d say that if you behave differently, I don’t say that you falsify the championship, but you behave differently

,” he said.

“Genoa have used the postponement once, certainly that can influence the table. The behaviour must be the same for everyone and it’s not happening.

“And I’m not talking about Torino, it’s a general situation.”

D’Aversa went on to talk about the injuries of

Roberto Inglese


Graziano Pelle


We don’t work daily with Inglese and Pellè, they came back part-time,

” he said.

“The path must be considered


“Graziano came from a period of inactivity, he started and then had an injury. Roberto was stopped for a long time.

“We need to think about [Yann] Karamoh and [Valentin] Mihaila, both had issues in the game, it should be considered.

“Numerically, we have some difficulties. But in Spezia, without Inglese and Pellè, we took the lead. I don’t like to create excuses for absences and injuries, but it’s clear [it would help] to have alternatives during the match.

“In the past, even with important absences, great performances have been made, and the match against Inter last year proves it.”



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