Ancelotti: “We have to use our expectations as a motivation”

Wed 03 March 2021 | 16:41

The Everton manager has called on his squad to show determination in their fight for European places.



’s 1-0 victory over


on Monday has moved them closer to the top four in the

Premier League

. Should they vanquish

West Brom

on Thursday, they can sit with the title contenders on top.

Carlo Ancelotti

downplayed his side’s chance of being qualified for the

Champions League

following their 2-0 loss to


in late January. Notwithstanding the struggles, the Everton manager saw no harm in urging his players to deliver on Thursday.


We are pleased to be in the fight,

" he said. "

We have to use our expectations as a motivation. If expectations are high, it is absolutely normal at a club with fantastic history. We want to be back there as they were in the past.

"Expectation is not a bad word in my opinion. It is a good word. It keeps you motivated. I think it's important to have ambition."

If they come out winners, their place could be quickly taken by either




as they lock horns on the same day.


I forgot there was that game and maybe Liverpool or Chelsea can be in the top four, but it doesn't matter,

" Ancelotti said. "

We want three points; it is important to stay in the fight.

"I'm sure this situation with the European positions will be decided in the last game and we want to be there until the last game."

West Brom are running on a richer vein of form since the former Everton manager

Sam Allardyce

started his reign, having had their third unbeaten game in their last match.


I think West Brom are playing now how Allardyce wants them to,

" Ancelotti added. "

They are strong defensively, strong in contact and show good organisation.

"It is not a coincidence they did not concede in their last two games, even if they were a little lucky that Brighton missed two penalties.

"The defensive consistency is there and to find opportunities will not be easy for us."

Allan Marques returned to action against Southampton which was beneficial for Everton. However, his condition has to be checked before he can make a second appearance.

source: SportMob