Mourinho blames Real Madrid for Bale's bad start to the season

Wed 03 March 2021 | 16:39

Gareth Bale spent most of his time on the sideline last season when he was a Real Madrid player.

Gareth Bale

’s return to the Premier League made headlines and 


fans were very excited about their former star coming back to shine for them again. Gareth Bale joined

Real Madrid

back in 2013 but came back with a loan-deal. He didn’t play much for the giants of Spain last season. He had a horrible relationship with Zidane and many hoped that he can regain his level at Spurs again.

It took a while for the Welsh star as he didn’t play much under Mourinho as well. So far he scored 8 goals which 5 of them were in cup competitions. However, he showed signs of his real worth against


but Mourinho blames Real Madrid for his slow recovery.

Asked why Bale's man-of-the-match display against Burnley at the weekend had been such a long time coming, the Tottenham boss told a press conference:

“For the past two years, he had what he had in Madrid.

"Ask them. Maybe if they answer you, you can understand better why he took a while. 

“Maybe to be patient was the main reason for him to reach the level he showed in the last couple of weeks.”



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source: SportMob
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