Neymar's new controversy with PSG fans

Wed 03 March 2021 | 9:23

The Brazilian star has entered a new controversy with the fans.

Paris Saint-Germain

star Neymar has always had a tumultuous relationship with Paris Saint-Germain fans.

Having suffered a number of injuries during this time, he was never able to become a fan favorite, and their anger peaked when he returned to Barcelona.



claims that a new story has begun in this regard. Rumors of his return to La Liga have resurfaced, and while Neymar will miss the Champions League match against Barcelona due to injury, some fans have questioned his commitment. Now, Neymar also responded to this part of the fans by publishing a post in this regard.

"A few days ago I published my daily training, my routine from when I started until I finished, and I didn’t see a single message saying ‘what a professional, he’s taking care of himself’. Not one,”

He posted on social media.

source: SportMob
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