Paratici: Andrea is someone who enjoys pressure

Tue 02 March 2021 | 20:14

Juve Chief Football Officer talks about Pirlo and the team’s situation.




on Saturday and could not achieve a better result than a 1-1 draw. The Bianconeri lost two points to get further away from the top of the table and the league leaders,



Juve were criticized after the match for their poor performance, however,

Fabio Paratici

believes there is more to a match than just the result.

He told

Sky Sport Italia


“Unfortunately, to those who don’t work in football, the result is the only thing that counts. To us, we know it’s important, but we also need to follow certain steps to get there, such as training well, etc.”

Juventus are not doing great under the boss,

Andrea Pirlo

and questions are being raised on whether the Italian is the right person for the job.

“Andrea is someone who enjoys pressure, as we all did when playing football at a certain level. I think that is his state of mind at this moment.”

Paratici continued.

“The team is trying to take a certain tactical approach, we are convinced it is the right one, and will continue with it.

“We’ve been here for 11 years and eras tend to last for 3-4 years, so we have already gone through different eras and continued to win. That is a huge achievement.

“We have now started another new path, we are well aware of the choices we have made, and we want to see it through.

“Logically, choices have to be placed in context with that moment, because a month, a year or two years later, things can change.

“We renovated the squad, changed the coach, and we are very happy with the path we have taken. We have players with quality throughout, although naturally any team would struggle when there are several players missing all in the same area.”



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