A miracle at Barca; Pedri recovers after just two days

Tue 02 March 2021 | 14:29

Pedri, who was said to be out for 15 days, will probably be on Barca's roster against Sevilla tomorrow.

It was the 70th minute of Saturday night's game between






sat on the pitch and asked to be subbed off. The 18-year-old phenomenon could not continue to play and at the end of the match, he was able to walk only with the help of a cane.

There was speculation that Pedri would definitely miss the crucial second leg clash against Sevilla in the Copa del Rey semi-final and also against


in the Champions League.

According to a statement from the Barcelona medical team released on Sunday, Pedri suffered a strain in his left leg muscle and was said to be out of action for at least 15 days, but he appeared in Barca’s training session today and according to the boss,

Ronald Koeman

he might be able to play gainst Sevilla tomorrow.

The Dutchman said in a pre-match press conference:

"There are things that cannot be explained.

"Yesterday afternoon I was surprised. He did individual training and today he had no problems.

"We'll see in tomorrow's training session. I think he can be on the list."



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source: SportMob