Amadeus wants to break records, and I introduce myself-Ibrahimovic

Tue 02 March 2021 | 12:40

AC Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic will take part in the Sanremo Music Festival, which starting tonight. Amadeus will host the big festival and stressed that he is proud to see Zlatan's participation.


I'm honoured by the presence of Ibrahimovic, he's a champion

," Amadeus said at a press conference.

"The champions belong to everyone. He's in great shape, he's a player who is always better to have with you than against you.

"We will meet the man Ibrahimovic, the one the Italian public doesn't know."

Zlatan believes that scoring a goal is easier than helping to present a music festival.


When Amadeus called me, I didn't say no, I said yes,

" Zlatan said at a press conference.

"Amadeus told me not to worry and be calm, I have to be myself


"It's easier to score, I'm in good hands with Amadeus and Fiorello. I don't know what awaits me, but I'm not worried.

"If I make a mistake, no one can judge me, and if I do well, even better, then I'll have another job for when I stop.

"I'm excited, I don't know what's coming but we will certainly have fun.

"There's a reason why Amadeus called me: because he wants to break all the records, and I introduce myself."

He suffered a muscle injury during the game against Roma but will not affect his role at Sanremo.


The programme is always the same, I was unlucky

," Ibrahimovic continued. "

I suffered a small injury, but I can do everything


"The Festival programme doesn't change, I'm always available for Amadeus."

Zlatan came to prominence after criticizing LeBron James for his comments on politics. LeBron responded to Zlatan's criticism, but the 39-year-old Swede still insists.


Racism and politics are two different things. We athletes unite the world, politics divides the world

," he said.

"Everyone is welcome, it has nothing to do with where you are from, we do what we do to unite. We don't do other things because we are not good at it, otherwise I would be in politics.

"That's my message. Athletes must be athletes, politicians must be politicians."

Zlatan went on to say that he is attending the festival because he wants to give back a lot to Italy.

"I don't think so much, those who know me, know that I'm a professional and I don't have to say that I finish first or last.

"They must see me as an example. When I play my football, I'm very focused on this, my target with Milan is to help.

"I want to give a lot to Italy for what it has given me, for so many years, and not just in football. I got the opportunity to do the Sanremo Festival and they told me it's the biggest thing in Italy, so let's do it."



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