Dyche: ‘Managers used to have real free rein and trust’

Tue 02 March 2021 | 11:35

Burnley manager Sean Dyche cannot come up with any unconventional training strategies to disrupt the intense Schedule for his squad as there is no time to do so.


recalled his day as a player in

Nottingham Forest


Brian Clough

would take his players for walks down the River Trent for a change of scenery.

But now it looks impossible with packed Premier League schedule as players will have to play many games with no breaks between which has made a bad impact both mentally and physically.

“Managers used to have real free rein and trust,”

Dyche said.

“Now it’s slightly different. Not so much here, because I’ve been here a long time, but directors of football want to know your training schedules and what you’re doing.

“If you say you’re going down the Trent for an ice cream I’m not sure that always goes down well, although ironically sometimes it is needed to deload the players.

“Now it is more of a professional relentlessness. This is what you get paid for, this is your job, this is the schedule and these are the challenges. Buckle up and get on with it, end of.”

source: SportMob