Hasenhuttl wants Southampton to stop being “too nice”

Mon 01 March 2021 | 10:14

After a bright start to the season, the Saints have plummeted down the table following a run of seven defeats from eight league games. Ahead of the Monday clash at Everton, the Austrian feels his players need to adopt a more cynical mindset for the challenges ahead.

“We are definitely sometimes too nice, or we have been in the last week when we have an opposition player laying in our box and then we play the ball out and when the opposition doesn’t win the ball back, they make tactical fouls,”



“To push this is something in your behaviour and the behaviour we have here is too nice.

“This is hard to change as this is our mentality and the only problem is that you always get punished when you are correct and stick to the rules in football.

“We are nasty in the sense of being aggressive on the ball and attacking, but in other parts we are definitely too nice.”

The Austrian recalled the time when he instilled more of an edge to the group in a campaign in Germany.

“I changed this sort of behaviour as a manager when I had a year when I was promoted with Ingolstadt from the Bundesliga.2 in 2015,”

the Austrian said.

“We were the nastiest team in the league, but in the end it doesn’t make you happy as a manager.”

He added:

“The behaviour we have here at Southampton is normally why I love English football.

“Players are always honest and they don’t roll away, they try to stay on their feet and it is still far away from all the other leagues in world football and this is why I like it so much.”


source: SportMob