Ndombele: I called my friends and said I want to come back

Sun 28 February 2021 | 17:06

Tottenham midfielder talks about how he adjusted himself to the life in London.

Tanguy Ndombele

left his country, France, to join


in the summer transfer window of 2019.

Ndombele did not have a good start at Tottenham, but he managed to pull himself up and now, he is a regular at

Jose Mourinho

’s squad.

The France international has now talked about his start to life in London.

"It was incredibly tough. I remember that I was even calling home to my friends in France saying I want to come back.

"It was so, so tough, but perhaps it was what I needed. I needed to get used to that sort of work, to that sort of training and over time to acclimatize to it.

"That's something that motivates me all the time to improve, but you've got to remember that at the time I really didn't feel good so perhaps, sure, after the event I look back and think I wouldn't have wanted to leave and want to prove myself here, but at the time if you're not feeling good, those sort of thoughts are quite far away from your mind.

"Without a doubt it's made me stronger mentally. It's made me and improved me as an athlete, what happened last season, because I wasn't playing a lot. I was getting injured a lot, which I'm not used to and we were going through the pandemic and times like this you can only grow stronger."



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