Paquetà on pressuring himself at AC Milan before joining Lyon

Sun 28 February 2021 | 13:56

The former Rossoneri player admits that he used to put himself under “too much” pressure back in his days with Milan before heading to Lyon.




Lucas Paquetà

, talked about placing

“too much”

pressure on himself back in his days with

AC Milan

and how Leonardo’s departure made him feel alone at the Rossoneri.

Paquetà, who joined the Serie A side for €38m in January 2019, moved to Lyon for €20m last September.

"At Milan, I had put a lot of pressure on myself. Too much. When I arrived here in Lyon, I told myself that I shouldn't have as much,”

he said.

"I wanted to give the best of me. As of today, I've managed it.”

"I was aware of my responsibilities at Milan. I knew why I was there. Things don't always go as they should. You imagine something. You put pressure on yourself.”

"It's inexplicable. Sometimes there's not even a reason for failure. Although my Milan experience was not extraordinary, it was useful because I'm a better player now.”

"I'm a different Paquetà, a stronger player. There will always be pressure, but it won't come from myself.”

"I arrived in a new country, a new continent. Leonardo was helping me. Things were going well for me when he was at the club.”

"We can say he was something like a mentor to me. But then he moved to Paris, I felt a little bit alone.”

“I hadn't settled in totally. Now, you see a different Paquetà, identified with the club. I owe it to Milan and Leonardo, who I want to help. He helped me to face difficulties.”



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source: SportMob