Neville warns Tuchel of an ill-fated end with the star-studded Chelsea

Sun 28 February 2021 | 13:22

The Red Devils legend warned the Blues boss about the managers sacking culture at Stamford Bridge following the German arrival to replace Frank Lampard.

Manchester United

legend, Gary Neville, hopes


head-coach, Thomas Tuchel, will avoid the ugly turn of events at Stamford Bridge, which usually ends up with a manager’s ill-fated sacking.

Neville, who fears to see the German boss fall prey for such culture, told

Webby & O’Neill

about different managers’ fleeting career with Chelsea while considering CFC players’ behaviour, which led to Andre Villas-Boas’ departure, saying:

“I think you look at those players there… they’ve got really good players at Chelsea.”

“And players thrive on a new idea, then they get bored, and then they’ll kick him out and they’ll bring someone else in and you’ll be asking me the same question again in two years, particularly at Chelsea, it’s always 18 months to two years, we know what happens there.”

“I think he will make them better. He’ll improve them. Not because Frank (Lampard) wouldn’t have generally got there himself but I think ultimately Chelsea are very trigger happy, they don’t give (a manager) two or three years that you need to be successful, to prove you’ve got the idea the owners of the club want. They want results straight away.”

“With that money spent in the summer they needed the results, they’ve brought a manager who knows what he needs to do, he’s changed the system, he’s gone to that three at the back with two wing backs, I think they look better but I think it’ll be a big test against us (Manchester United).”

“I was in Napoli when Villas-Boas was getting stabbed in the back left, right and centre off all the older Chelsea players about eight or nine years ago,”

he added.

“Basically I was sat there with Sky Sports people on the day of the game and phone calls were coming through from agents and journalists saying, ‘he’s saying that’, he left three or four players out that night, they lost, he got sacked two days later.”

“I was at United, I’ve been shielded from this nonsense for like 30 years, I was like, ‘is this what goes on?’. You’ve got players in their hotel rooms in the afternoon ringing journalists and their agents are ringing journalists and broadcasters. I’m like, ‘do one’.”

“Villas-Boas got sacked two days later. They did the same to [Luiz Felipe] Scolari, they did the same to [Rafa] Benitez.”

“The players at Chelsea have always had what I think would be the connection you shouldn’t have with the owner or with the owner’s people.”

“The players should never have a connection that would be unprofessional. You don’t break rank and go above your manager to the sporting director or owner. In any company, by the way. If you’re a member of staff you go to your line manager. It’s criminal in any business for that to happen, in any sports team, in any walk of life.”

“A manager’s got to have eyes in the back of his head [at Chelsea].”

source: SportMob