Mason Mount on glorious dreams with Tuchel's Chelsea

Sun 28 February 2021 | 11:48

The Blues player insists that they can witness great achievements under the German boss.



Mason Mount

, believes the

Premier League

and the Champions League glory could become a reality under


Thomas Tuchel.

Mount talked about Tuchel, who won six out of his eight matches since replacing Frank Lampard, telling

Daily Mail


"He’s very passionate. When he came in, we had a meeting, we had training and we had one day before a game and everyone knew their role with the team.”

"It was very clear what he wanted. The players understand what a new manager wants and what his goal of playing is, what he wants off the ball, what he wants on the ball, what kind of movement. He made it very easy to understand. We’ve been learning more and more."

Asked about Chelsea’s future plans with Tuchel, Mount responded:

"We need to be setting our targets at that vision of wanting to win Premier Leagues, wanting to win trophies, wanting to win the Champions League.”

"I feel like with the group we have, we can definitely do it. We’re very hungry to achieve it, very driven."

The midfielder later added about his form on the pitch, saying:

"I’m definitely not content with just playing well or having good games. I want to do more. I’m happy but I’m not happy until I keep getting better and better and I’m at that stage where I know I can."

After defeating

Atletico Madrid

in the first leg of the Champions League last 16, Tuchel’s men look forward to take down

Manchester United

for a spot among the top four.

source: SportMob