Sean Dyche admits the pandemic has affected his side’s performances

Sat 27 February 2021 | 11:53

Burnley boss says the tight schedule has put the players under constant pressure as they can’t take enough breaks during the season.


players have enjoyed their first full week off this season. They were held to a disappointing goalless draw against

West Brom

in their last game which was their 13th match in 42 days. The Clarets must play against


on Sunday and Dyche hopes his players will be fresher after their short break.

"I don't want to present it as footballers are moaning just because they can't go out for dinner, no one can go out for dinner,"

Dyche said.

"But not everybody has the pressures of the Premier League, not everyone has the constant pressure of the game schedule. They are human beings and they need a break. Everyone needs a break from their work lives.

"But apart from what we're all doing, watching movies or box sets or endless sport on the telly, there's not really a break, a shutdown where you can step away whether it's going to the cinema or for dinner or a few drinks with mates.

"It has been tougher for that reason. It has had some effect on all of us - and equally it does on players."

Dyche admits that his side looked tired against the Baggies in their last week's match.

"It was needed,"

he said.

"I'm not always saying it's needed but I think this one was. We had such a long injury list and we were asking so much of the players.

"I do have to question them at times but I also have to support them and I'm definitely supportive with the workload they've been putting in.

"I think this will have been a good down week but of course you never know until the whistle blows. But hopefully they will look more vibrant and more like themselves."

source: SportMob