'It was tough' Struijk opens up about his substituton against Villa

Sat 27 February 2021 | 9:52

The Peacocks defender says he understands the reason behind Marcelo Bielsa's decision.

Leeds United

will play against

Aston Villa

in their next Premier League match on Saturday.

Marcelo Bielsa

’s team won their first match against the Villa with a 3-0 result and displayed one of their best performances since their return to the top-flight. However, that match did not go well for

Pascal Struijk

and he was substituted after playing only 21 minutes.

"I was quite surprised when my number came up,"

Struijk tells 

Sky Sports

 ahead of Saturday's re-match.

"But when I watched it back I saw. I had got a yellow card and then made another foul, so I can imagine what's going on in his head.

"Of course, it was tough to take at the time. But looking back, it showed me I can't make those silly mistakes again. I need to make sure I'm professional when playing with a yellow card."

Asked about Bielsa’s coaching style, Struijk responded:

"He's nothing like I've ever seen before,"

says Struijk.

"There's so much detail that goes around in his management, in how hard you need to work to play here. Show yourself every day, never give less than 100 per cent. It just shows the intensity we have to go through.

"The murderball every week is very demanding and very, very intense, but I think each one of us has become a lot better than we were three years ago.

"Sometimes training is very specific position-wise. Let's say wingers, they will just give cross after cross, and I'll be practising giving a pass from the back as a defender. But it improves you as a player.

"I think I have played left centre-half, right centre-half, as a defensive midfielder... You need to try and adapt. And then, as I said, there is so much detail that goes around in helping me know where to be, how to move, where to ask for the ball, so they make it a little bit easier for me as well.

"The first time I played in midfield, I was quite nervous, and there was just so much going on. So much more than I was used to. But taking that from a midfielder and going back to centre-half, I think I can handle the ball a little bit better because I'm more used to people pressing me now."

source: SportMob